Our mission is to provide a safe environment for medical marijuana patients through increased product knowledge.

The potential hazards of inhaling unregulated marijuana must be recognized.  CannaChemistry is committed to preventing medical marijuana users from exposure to more dangerous smoke than is necessary, in order to alleviate the patients' ailments.  To prevent this health risk CannaChemistry allows marijuana dispensaries to test their products' potency in our state of the art laboratory.

CannaChemistry is an independent company that accurately measures the potency of medicinal cannabis through the use of its gas chromatography coupled with a mass spectrometer(GC/MS) and flame ionization detector (GC/FID).  This means the medical community can know exactly how much THC, CBN, and CBD chemicals are in each dose.  This will increase the patients' ability to effectively identify the best medication for their personal condition and preference.

CannaChemistry performs pesticide screening for 95% of known pesticides.  The detection of chlorinated pesticides is performed with a Dry Electrolytic Conductivity Detector.  The detection of phosphorus based pesticides is performed with a Flame Photometric Detector.  We are proud to offer pesticide safety screening to the medical marijuana community.